There’s one day when you decide, and you say

Today's the day... It’s now or never”. Is it today?

Learn and Grow as a


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Your Mentors for the Next 6 Months

Chris Young


Spider man

Javier Navarrete

Oscar Nominated Composer

Pan's Labyrinth

Dennis Sands

Mixing Engineer


Nathaniel Blume


The Flash, Arrow

Jose Cancela


Five-time Emmy Award-winning

Lennie Moore

Video Games Composer

Outcast, Star Wars, Call of Duty

Anne-Kathrin Dern


Claus, Fe@rless (NETFLIX)

Dirk Ehlert



Amie Doherty


Spirit (DreamWorks)


Schedule a call with us and I'll show you how we take composers' skills from lacking to so good that they go from:

"I compose music..." to "I'm a full time composer!"

In 6 Months* (even if you're starting from scratch)

* I know how it sounds (specially if this is the first time you hear from us).

But we've been teaching film scoring for over a decade and we've trained thousands of composers

If you're serious, you can take the experience of more than 10,000 composers and pack it into 6 months, and become the composer you want to be.

- Jeff: Manufacturer's Rep (US) -

Until Momentum he was never able to successfully convert his piano mockups to finished orchestral compositions

- Richard: Retired Cardiologist (US) -

Working on his two first documentaries before finishing Momentum.

- Rafal: Piping Engineer (Poland) -

 – "I was never expecting that I will put music to any kind of the picture, but actually it happened. That was amazing journey!"

- David: Database Programer (US) -

Just retired programmer. Ready to start his second career in his lifetime as a composer. After Momentum, he's confidently pursuing projects in the faith-based/family friendly genres.

- Jaco: Conductor (Netherlands) -

As a result of his growth in this program he has become somewhat of a local hero in his homeland. One of the biggest regional broadcasting companies in Holland is making a documentary about his Momentum experience

- Miguel: Teacher (Spain) -

"One of my biggest wins since Marc started teaching me. I was lucky that one of my works was recorded by the RTVE Orchestra, one of the best orchestras in Spain. Thank you Marc Jovani!"

- Scott: Retired Teacher (US) -

From: not composing as much as I used to

To: getting the momentum as a composer back!

- Héctor: Web Developer (Spain) -

From: never used a sequencer (DAW)

To: working in multiple projects as a media composer (in less than 6 months!) and collaborating with some of his classmates on their projects.

- Miles: Sales Rep. in Footwear Market (US) -

From: about to give up as a composer

To: feeling confident and re-igniting his career

- Patricia: Oboe Player (she's 82!) (Canada) -

From: never used a sequencer (DAW)

To: creating a template and composing mockups

- Gabriel: Web Developer (Spain) -

 – "Momentum was what I needed to take off professionally as a composer!"

- Julian Mateu: Software Engineer (Argentina) -

Thanks to Momentum has been submitting to TAXI listings regularly and entering scoring competitions with greater confidence.

- Stan: Project Manager (US) -

Joined Momentum to hone his skills as a professional musician but also to make contacts with and collaborate with other talent

- Joseph: Teacher (US) -

Already a talented musician, music teacher, composer and conductor, Joseph joined Momentum to bring his skills current and stay abreast of industry methods

- Yee: Student (Malasia) -

As one of the youngest students to enroll in Momentum to date, the progression of Yee's talent in the course of just 6 months has been exciting to witness

- Nancy: Pianist (US) -

"Four months ago when I joined Momentum I didn't know how to use a sequencer. Now I'm entering film scoring competitions and I feel so happy and fulfilled! Momentum has changed my life!"

- Giuseppe: Violinist & Composer (Italy) -

- Risha: Student (US) -

"I finally feel confident enough to join online Film Composer and Filmmaker Groups. I am now responding to requests for composers and feel that Momentum has prepared me well for the task should I get the job!"

- Markus: Musician (Germany) -

"Writing for Orchestra has always been a dream and now it's a reality!"

- Emilia: Piano Tuner (Finland) -

"I just got a phone call from a singer and we used to work together. He has a Finnish animated movie coming up and he asked if I would be interested to score it!"

- Corey: Teacher (US) -

"Just managed to accomplish writing 12 minutes of soundtrack for two different small video games in addition to scoring for three different music competitions plus Momentum stuff all in the last two weeks!" (edited) 

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